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Effective conversation is important in work, education, and social life, for both children and adults, but many children and adults have difficulty mastering the basic "rules" for social language. The reasons for such difficulty vary. They may coexist with other language problems, or they may occur due to shyness or cultural differences. Therapy strives to develop the social thinking skills needed to achieve effective interaction in real life settings. Choice of therapeutic approach focus depends on the age of the client and specific diagnosis. Young children's and young adults' needs are met through play, books, parent modeling, and classroom support. Mature adults are helped to understand, on a cognitive basis, what does not come to them intuitively. Awareness of executive function is taught so that communication content can be prioritized and sequenced to improve performance.


"Thank you so much for your sensitivity, wisdom, and expert care of our [daughter]. The confidence you helped her achieve in her speech is of immeasurable importance in her life."
--A. & A. H., parents

"[My son] has improved social speech skills. Alida's treatment went above and beyond our expectations. We have learned so many approaches to helping [him] speak. Our feelings and privacy were absolutely respected by the Center. It always felt like a safe and supportive space. I felt very much involved in R's treatment by receiving updates on goals, opportunities to ask questions, and feedback on progress. This is an excellent place for people who need help with speech, and for their families."
--N.B., Mom

SLP Alida Engel's relevant training and experience for work with conversation skills:

  • Social Thinking course, with Michelle Garcia Winner, MS CCC-SLP, Founder and Director of the Social Thinking Center; San Jose, CA
  • Executive Functioning Workshop with Sarah Ward, MS CCC-SLP, Co-Director of the Cognitive Connections, LLP; Lincoln, MA
  • Selective Mutism Workshop with Elisa Shipon-Blum, D.O., President and Director of the Selective Mutism Anxiety Research and Treatment (SMART) Center; Jenkintown, PA
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Ross Menzies, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  • Mindfulness Training; with Carolyn Cheasman, mindfulness trainer; and Rachel Everard MS-SLP and stuttering specialist, both at City Lit, London (the UK national specialist centre in adult stuttering therapy).
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy; Trudy Stewart, Ph.D.-SLP

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