Behavior Management

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Children with language delays often have behavior issues because they have difficulty expressing their needs. Learn to nurture age-appropriate behaviors and expand your parenting skills to achieve more positive interactions with your child.

Alida is experienced in training parents to meet children's needs in their natural environment, in a supportive, positive manner, and to gently and effectively set limits.


"Alida's persistent attention to G's unique needs, her loving and firm behavior modification, her strenuous review, and her professional evaluations -- all with parental involvement factored in -- portray a therapist who sincerely believes in the human spirit: 'Alida-Engelism.' As our family matures, we continue to support and develop G's progress as we celebrate the beauty of being human. Thank you, Alida!"
--Anne L., Parent

"[Our son] has improved so well with his speech and his behavior. You have given me a way to look into how to deal with him and his speech."

"I've always loved your creative energy, and you've taught me a lot about how to work better with my own kids. You are a terrific teacher and therapist."
--Jane, Parent

SLP Alida Engel's relevant training and experience for work with behavior management:

  • Extensive training in cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Child psychology
  • Three years work in child day care
  • Training of pre-school teachers

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