Activities to Practice the "R" Sound

Track 2, Are You in the Car Activity
Track 3, Where is the Chair Activity
Track 3, Pierre Counting Activity
Track 5, Very Very Dark Activity
Track 6, Cherry Berry Tree Activity
Track 8, Too Many Animals Activity
Track 9, Run, Rock, & Roll Activity
Track 9, Run Counting Activity
Track 11, Pretty Princess Activity
Track 12, Broccoli Bread Activity
Track 12, Broccoli Bread Counting Activity

Some tips to remember
before you get started:

  • Be patient. Learning to sing along takes repeated listening.

  • Work at mastering one or two words at a time.

  • Pick your favorites - you don't have to learn it all.

  • Adults should exaggerate the R as they sing along.

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Other Resources for Learning the R Sound:

Alida Engel, CCC-SLP, creator of "R in the Car," thinks that learning new speech skills can be fun. Alida has worked both in schools and in private practice. She is a Board recognized specialist in fluency disorders. She met singer-songwriter Jay Mankita through a New England dance community, where they share in the spirit of fun, improvisation, freedom and creativity. This led to their partnership on this CD.

Jay Mankita was called "one of the half dozen best songwriters today" by Pete Seeger. For over 25 years, Jay has been playing guitar, composing and performing his original songs for both children and adults. Jay is a masterful acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter, whose styles range from blues, bluegrass, and ballads, through ragtime, swing, and samba, and from old standards to quirky originals. His songs are rooted in the traditions of acoustic folk and Americana music. To find out more about Jay and his other CDs go to

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